Tournament Rules, Novice, Atom, Peewee LL, 2018-2019 (Millbrook Minor Hockey)

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MDMHA Tournament Rules


1.All OMHA Tournament Regulations apply.  No exceptions.

2.  Prior to Competing in any tournament the team must provide the following: Approved team roster, approved Travel Permit, and the required fee.  Failure to provide these documents will result in the team not being permitted to play, with no refund of entry fee.

3. All teams MUST have a CERTIFIED Coach and Trainer on the bench for all games. In the event of an emergency where a teams trainer is not able to attend a game. The team is permitted to ask to borrow the opposing teams trainer. This shall be made aware to the referees.

4.  All teams must report to the tournament convener 45 minutes prior to first game time to receive game sheets and submit signed signature sheet.  Teams must be ready to start all games 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time. Initials__________

5.  Dressing rooms must be vacated within 20 minutes of completion of game as other teams are waiting to use them. Initials ___________

6.  If there are conflicting sweater colours the Home team will be expected to wear sweaters of contrasting colour.  Please bring 2 sets of sweaters if possible.

7.  Each game will consist of three ten minute stop time periods.  In the event of a goal differential greater than 5 goals, In the 3rd Period, there will be no stop time.  If the goal differential is reduced to 3 goals then stop time will resume.  The only time the clock would be stopped during run time is if an on-ice injury should occur.  All penalties are running time.

8. In the Preliminary Round, Scoring will go as follows; 5 points for a win and 2 point for a tie, 1 point for a Period Win, 1 point for a shutout, 1 point for 3 or fewer minor penalties in a game. Standings will be determined using the following format.1) Points 2) Head to Head 3) Goal Differential 4) Goals Against 5) Fewest Penalty Minutes 6) Coin Toss.      

9.  During the Semi- final, and Championship games, each team will be allowed one 30 second time out.

10.  If a Semi-Final, Or Championship game is tied after regulation time there will be a sudden victory overtime period using the following format.  The period will commence with a five minute, sudden death 3 on 3 period during which time 3 players and a goalie must be on the ice. If still tied a sudden victory shoot-out will decide the winner. Penalties will see the non-offending team add a player to the ice.    

11. The Shootout rules go as follows: Each team will select 3 shooters, If it is still tied after all 3 shooters have gone then it will be sudden death. Every player on the team must shoot before a player can shoot again.

12. Player or Coaches receiving a Match penalty, Gross Misconduct Penalty, or Game Misconduct Penalty for fighting will immediately be suspended from any further tournament involvement.Initials________

13. Teams found abusing the dressing rooms, or Community Centre facilities may be banned from further tournament involvement.  Fees will not be reimbursed and all damages will be charged to the team. Initials_____________

14. Any player, coach, manager or trainer found to be abusive toward ANY PLAYER, GAME OFFICIAL, TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL, OR VOLUNTEER will be expelled from further tournament participation.  Further, any attempt by any team official, player or parent to verbally or physically intimidate any player, tournament official or tournament volunteer may result in expulsion from the tournament of the entire team.  This decision will be made solely by the Tournament Director and will not be negotiable once made. Initials________

15. All decisions made by the Tournament Convener will be final    


16. By accepting entry to the Tournament, the Coach/Manager on behalf of the team releases the Sponsors of the Tournament, its officials and all connected with the tournament from liability by any player or team official participating in the Tournament.


17. Tournament Rules are subject to change 14 days prior to the tournament.


18. The Tournament rules must be reviewed with the players, team staff and parents and then signed below.






Hockey is a game and is intended to be fun for all involved!

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