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2023/24 Jersey & Socks Ordering Schedule and Process

New Jerseys & Socks Package –

This year you will have the opportunity to order any new Millbrook Stars jerseys & socks anytime directly at Imprinted Apparel. Clinton will submit orders every 2nd Friday over the summer starting August 18th when the first order will be submitted. All sizing and ordering will be done exclusively through Imprinted Apparel Store at 730 The Kingsway in Peterborough. Fittings can be done anytime during business hours. They are open from Monday to Friday at 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. If you need fittings outside those times or would like to coordinate a team fitting night at the arena please contact Clinton directly to arrange. He can be reached at the store 705 749 1136 or via email : [email protected]and he will make himself available after hours or on weekends as his availability allows.

The jersey & socks design and colours are exactly the same as last season. If you have the older GSW sweater and need a new jersey we strongly recommend that you go into the store to try on the sizing samples they have on hand. We also recommend that you bring your current shoulder pads or goalie body armour.

The cost for 2022/23 will be $140 tax included and will include the home and away jerseys with a custom name and number. MDMHA is not covering the cost of socks for the 2023/2024 season. This amount will be payable to the store directly at the time of ordering. 

PLEASE NOTE : The jerseys can only be ordered when the number has been assigned however you can go for fitting and payment now....once numbers are confirmed Imprinted Apparel will place the order.  All numbers will need to be confirmed by the coach as some players may be able to use jerseys from the prior season, so we want to avoid number conflicts. It will be your responsibility to tell Imprinted Apparel what the jersey number will be at the time of order only after it’s been confirmed by your teams coach. Imprinted Apparel will contact you individually to arrange pick up of the jerseys when they are ready unless the coach has placed the jersey order on the team’s behalf and then we will notify the coach. Socks will be distributed by the league. The jersey number removal and re-application process has been cancelled and will no longer be offered. 

Here’s some additional information around our most popular custom apparel pieces and an update about the online store.

Online Store : Imprinted Apparel will be relaunching our online store in the fall. Please keep your eyes open for an email with details regarding the relaunch including some l new product options for the coming season. Keep your eyes open for the new website address.

New Hoody Design : The cotton hoodie with the embroidered logo on the front is still the most popular item.  After 5 years of the same design, we are launching a new design. Stay tuned for the launch of the new design in an email coming soon. Price will remain at $80 +tax

Warm Up Suits :  We will no longer be offering the green warm up suits. We will be moving to an all black warm up suit. These warm up suits will have a significantly quicker turnaround time and can be ordered and delivered in 3 to 4 weeks versus 6 to 8 weeks. The cost on the new warm up suit is $149.99 +tax for jacket and pants. The jacket on its own is $89.99+tax and the pants are $66.99+tax. The store will have sizing samples on hand.

New Team Order Discounts : Team orders placed by the coach, team manager or other team representative will get an additional 5% off the product price. All team orders must be placed on one order. Orders will be payable to the store directly at the time of ordering.

New Winter Jacket : We are launching a new winter jacket for this season, sizing samples have been ordered and will be in the store in the early fall if you would like to see it early.  Stay tuned for the launch of the new jacket in an email coming soon.

Hockey Bags : We will be placing our order for the season mid August. If you wanted one, please let us know to be sure you get one. The stock we order in usually sells out fairly quickly and they take 6 to 8 weeks for us to replenish the stock.Bag pricing has gone up for this season. The bags are now $130 +tax and they come in 28, 32 and 36 inch. Goalies are 40 inch and are $140 +tax

Pant Shells : Each season there’s a little confusion around pant shells – Do I order them myself ? Does the team order them ? We’d like to simplify this process and make it easier so there’s 2 ways to order pant shells – Individually or as a Team. The cost is $70 + tax individually or $65 + tax on a team order. We will be taking individual orders for pant shells up to September 30th. Minimum order is 6 pieces.

Old Stock :  With the changes to the warm up suit and the hoodies, we have some old stock on hand. We will be selling it all off until it is all gone. $60 +tax for hoodies and $50 for a tracksuit jacket or pant. While supplies last. We will not be holding stock as we know these will go quickly.

Mandatory Equipment
For those new to hockey here is a list of mandatory equipment that you will need:

mandatory hockey equipment


mouth guard

neck guard

chest protector

elbow pads


hockey pants

shin pads



If anyone has any questions regarding equipment for the season please email our equipment manager at [email protected]