FAQ (Millbrook Minor Hockey)


Q:  I don't know anything about how to use the iPad / GameSheet!
A:  You can find more information about how GameSheet works here.

Q:  What are our team responsibilities regarding filling out GameSheet on the iPad?
A:  Your Team Manager and Head Coach are responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring all players who are playing in the game are shown on the iPad GameSheet roster.
  • If a rostered player is not participating in the game, they are marked on the GameSheet as 'Away'.
  • All player jersey numbers on the GameSheet are correct.
  • After the game is completed and the referees have locked the GameSheet, the Team Manager / Head Coach should review the GameSheet for any potential errors.  Any GameSheet errors that relate to potential player suspensions should be brought to the attention of [email protected].

Q:  What if our head coach is away for a game?
A:  The Assistant Coach must sign the GameSheet as the 'Head Coach'.  Every game must have someone sign the GameSheet as the 'Head Coach'.

Q:  What if a goal is attributed to the wrong player?  Can the GameSheet be corrected?
A:  Once the GameSheet has been uploaded, is not possible to modify it.


Q:  What is an Official Team Roster?

A:  The Official Team Roster lists all of the players who are eligible to participate in regular season, exhibition, or jamboree/tournament games.  If your team enters a Jamboree or Tournament, the tournament organizers will request a copy of your Official Team Roster.

Q:  How can I obtain my Official Team Roster?
A:  Send an email requesting your roster to [email protected].


Q:  What is an Affiliated Player?
A:  An affiliated player is a player who participates with another team of a higher age division or category other than his/her 'rostered' team.  For example, a U11 LL player can affiliate with a U11 Representative team, a U13 LL team, a U13 Representative team, etc.

Q:  As a coach, how can I affiliate a player to my team?
A:  There is an 'Offer of Affiliation' form that needs to be completed in order to affiliate a player to your team.  You can obtain this form by requesting one from the OMHA/LL Contact [email protected].  

Q:  Can a player affiliate with more than one team?
A:  No, a player can only affiliate with one team at a time.

Q:  Is there a deadline for affiliating players to a team?
A:  The deadline for making changes regarding player affiliation is January 15.

Q:  Is there a limit for how many players I can affiliate to my team?
A:  A team can affiliate up to 19 players.

Q:  Can a player play with their affiliated team instead of their rostered team?
A:  A player's first commitment is to their rostered team; they cannot skip a game with their rostered team in order to play with their affiliated team.

Q:  Why should I affiliate players to my team?
A:  Affiliating players is a good idea so as to avoid having to forfeit games due to player absences/illness, especially if your team roster is smaller in size. 


Q:  What is the minimum bench staff for a game?
A:  For any regular season, exhibition, or tournament game, each team needs a head coach and trainer on the bench.  In the event that your team's trainer cannot make the game, your team can have the other team's trainer sign as your trainer.  In this case, the referees need to be made aware, and the other team's trainer should sign the gamesheet as your team's trainer.

Q:  What if my team has to travel to an away game and the weather conditions are poor?
A:  If the weather conditions make travelling to an away game too dangerous, you can cancel the game.  You must cancel the game more than three (3) hours in advance so that referees and timekeepers can be cancelled.  In this case, please contact the OMHA/LL Contact and the coach of the opposing team (via phone) as soon as possible.


Q:  How can I book an exhibition game for my team?
A:  Answers to questions regarding exhibition games can be found here.


Q:  When are representative team tryouts in Millbrook?
A:  Rep team tryouts are held in September, unless notice is provided otherwise.

Q:  Can a Millbrook player try out for AA or AAA at another Association?

A:  See the Q&A sheet here.